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Problems are there to be solved!! after visiting one of our good partners, we managed to deep clean this Chrome roller with diamond cells.

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PRO Gravure Cleaner has been sold worldwide for more than 15 years


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How to get startet

With PRO Gravure Cleaner you can secure your production in house. Here are 3 simple steps

1. Get Bottle, Brush & Sponge

You can get your starter set through many partners World wide, contact us below to find a dealer in your area. If you are a dealer you can also contact us below for more info on our products.

2. Clean the Anilox Roller

Apply and keep the roller moist with PGC for at least 10 minutes, brush after 10 minutes with our special steel brush to get to the bottom of the cells, finally clean with water

3. Meassure roller if possible

If you have the opportunity to control the roller at 2-500 times magnification this should be done. alternatively check with strips from Capatch, these can also be ordered with the start package

Tjeck out the short youtube video

4 Top Tips for Anilox Roll Care & Maintenance

In a perfect world, the anilox should be cleaned at the end of every job. This should be the daily routine of every press operator. A stainless-steel brush should be used on ceramic anilox rolls. Do not use brass brushes on ceramic. Always brush in a circular motion with a safe cleaner like PRO Gravure Cleaner.

Handle carefully

Remove the roll from the box/crate, unwrap and inspect it. Handle with care. Any ding, dent or scratch could destroy the engraved cells and affect your print quality. When it comes to cleaning with a brush, stainless steel should be used on ceramic anilox rolls. Don’t use brass brushes on ceramic and always brush in a circular motion.

Protect your investment

Always lift the anilox roll with both hands or use a hoist. Do not drag the anilox roll off or across the table or floor, as you risk damaging the engraved cells. When not in use, use a protective cover to avoid damage. 

Keep circulating

When in press, ink or varnish should always be circulating and the anilox rotating when not in use. This prevents ink and varnish from drying in the cells

Doctor blade applications

Disengage the doctor blade from the anilox roll during color og varnishing changes to make sure there is no ink or varnish buildup. Always use filters and magnets if you are using doctor blades—These will help prevent scoring.

High Quality protection sleeves

Keep your anilox rollers safe under storage, when installing/uninstalling or under transportation………….. we make all sizes depending on pcs you need

Stainless Steel Brush & Anilox sponge







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The man behind PRO Gravure Cleaner

Educated coldset & sheetfed printer with apprenticeship, have a Bachelor’s degree in graphic production & leadership, was Head of printing/production Manager for more than 5 years and then Director of own company for more than 16 years with sales and support in the graphic industry and owner of the trademark PRO Gravure Cleaner (The Ultimate Anilox Deep Cleaner)

René Lorenzen

Founder of the trademark
PRO Gravure Cleaner

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