This anilox roller cleaner has been developed by René Lorenzen, owner of the trademark PRO Gravure Cleaner and the company Graphiconsult Aps in Denmark.

This chemistry has a unique formulation that secure a optimal viscosity for penetration in the cells/grooves of the anilox roller. Application in the machine possible. Economical alternative to the Ultrasound and powder cleaning.

This product has all necessary approvals in the printing industry and is also registered in the Eco label/Svanen.

The Pro Gravure Cleaner is also sold under the name DB-PRO Gravur Cleaner, in the most of Germany and surrounding countries

DB-PRO Gravur Cleaner

A complete unik formulation

How to use the Anilox cleaner in the machine

Apply PRO Gravure Cleaner (PGC) evenly on the anilox roller and let the PRO Gravure Cleaner influence for (Coates 10-15 minutes), (UV 15-20 min- utes), (Flexo inks 2-5 minutes) depending on the degree of dirt. Use the PRO brush on the anilox roller in circling motion after the impact time of PRO Gravure Cleaner. Subsequently, rinse the anilox roller with clear water afterwards

Pictures before & after deep cleaning with PGC

The before and after pictures here tells everything. The images are taken with a special microscope that can enlarge the cells on the anilox rollers more than 400 times. The pictures to the left are before the deep cleaning is done and the pictures to the right is after the deep cleaning with Pro Gravure Cleaner.

We take the environment and safety into account